Super synthetic oil for 4 strokes engines


PROLAB's SS SERIES super synthetic motor oils are formulated from top-quality ingredients which provide them with excellent properties.

Characteristics and Benefits

PROLAB's SS SERIES super synthetic motor oils allow for optimum performance of 4-stroke engines under any and all conditions (continuous operation, brisk accelerations, etc...).  They form a protective coating film which clings perfectly to metal parts and provides immediate protection in cold starts and accelerations; these oils are contamination resistant, and prevent gum and varnish build-up while offering exceptional resistance to high loads, oxidation, loss of viscosity and thermal breakdown.

Types of Application

Use PROLAB's SS SERIES super synthetic motor oils in all types of 4-stroke gas and diesel engines, as well as multi-valve and turbo-compressed motors (cars, trucks and some boats).

Directions for Use

Replace conventional motor oil with PROLAB's SS SERIES super synthetic motor oil best suited for your vehicle. For better results, change the oil filter.  For engines with between 40 000 and 80 000 km use PROLAB's DM-30 engine decontaminant beforehand (see DM-30 specification sheet).

Follow manufacturer's recommendations to choose the proper grade.

Available Sizes

1 L, 4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product Code

# 575: 10W40-SS



cHaractEristiCs astm
typical Values
Engine categories   DIESEL / GAS
SAE grade / API classification   10W40 / CI-4, CI-4 Plus, CJ-4  / SM, CH-4/ ACEA E7-04
Meets the following standards   Mack EO-O Premium Plus, Cummins CES 20081,Volvo VDS-4, Detroit Diesel DDC 93K2218,MB-Approval 228.3, MB-Approval 228.31,MTU Type 2, CAT ECF-3, CAT ECF-1-a, CAT ECF-2, MAN 3275, Renault RVI RLD-3
Flash point D92 220oC
Fire point D92  238°C
Pour point D97 <=-40oC
Specific gravity at 15oC D4052 0,87 gr/cm3
Viscosity at 40oC D445 104 cSt
Viscosity at 100oC D445 15.4 cSt
Viscosity index D2270 157
Pumpimg viscosity D4684 16900 cP (-30°C)
Cranking viscosity D5293 5961 cP (-25°C)
High-temperature viscosities & high shear D4683 4.0 cP
Loss of evaporation (1 hour at -250°C) D5800 14.7%
Rust-preventative characteristics:Distilled water (A)Synthetic sea water (B) D665  
Foaming characteristics
Tendency/Stability                   Sequence #1(ml)

                 Sequence #2(ml)

                 Sequence #3(ml)
0/0 ml30/0 ml0/0 ml
Total acid number D664 3.3 mg KOH/g
Total base number D2896 8 mg KOH/g
Corrosion - Copper strip D130 1a