Biodegradable Lubricant for Drill


BIO DRILL SILVER lubricant is formulated from a 100% biodegradable base oil. It is a must for drilling in areas with environmental risk or for the preservation of soil and groundwater. The BIO DRILL SILVER is an ally of the environment.

Characteristics and Benefits

- It is specifically designed to meet the OCDE 301B, OCDE 201-202 et 203 requirements.
- It is composed of a minimum of 80% renewable material.
- Antifriction treatment gives lubricant excellent performance against rigorous drilling applications.
- The anti-wear / extreme pressure protection prevents welding and scuffing as well as wear reduction under high dynamic load conditions.
- Prolab formulation offers superior adhesion film with a highly lubricating power.
- The BIO DRILL SILVER can successfully use up to half the oil needed in pneumatic drills compared to some of the oils available in the market.
- Thanks to a high flash point and a high viscosity index, the BIO DRILL SILVER allows use in conditions of significant friction. BIO DRILL SILVER does not fear high operating temperatures.
- Increased protection of iron parts against corrosion. Thanks to its additives, the BIO DRILL SILVER makes it possible to inhibit the possible chemical attacks against bronze and brass.
- Remarkable adherence, the BIO DRILL SILVER adheres greatly to the inside walls of the cylinder and all other parts of a drill. The maintenance of a constant and uniform film allows the preservation of its parts.
- It allows increased lubrication as well as constant cooling of the shaft.

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Types of Applications

BIO DRILL SILVER is specially designed to be used in all seasons in pneumatic percussion equipment, namely drilling machines, giant drills, cylinder drills, concrete breakers, small tools and small compressed air engines and greasers.

Available Sizes

4 L, 18.9 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product codes