Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner Antibacterial - Heavy Duty


BIO-MAX is an extremely efficient antibacterial cleaner degreaser, ideal for heavy duty degreasing. its powerful cleaning agents begin to work immediately by suspending, emulsifying and floating away ink, soot, carbon, grease, wax, soil, dirt, oil, black streaks and stains of all type. For industrial cleaning task, interior or exterior; brick, marble, cement floor, heavy machinery, motor, machine parts. It can also be use as drains and pipes disinfectant. The only cleaner you need for any cleaning works!

Caracteristics et benefits

It is biodegradable, phosphate free and not harmful for the environment. Not flammable. Powerful cleaner degreaser that easily dissolves all type of dirt.

Technical Data Sheet   safety data sheet


BIO-MAX IS NOT A HAND SANITIZER. Do not use on plastic, fiber glass, rubber and paint car.


FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS: Equipment and surfaces subjected to direct contact with food must be thoroughly rinsed with potable water after being cleaned with this product. Avoid contamination of food, when using this product.
STORAGE: Do not store in food-processing or food-storage areas. Keep in a tightly sealed container in a wellventilated area. Keep from freezing.


Test on a small surface before applying. Light duty cleaning : 1 : 100 / Normal cleaning: 1 : 20 / Heavy duty cleaning: 1 : 10 / Vaporization (1 litre) - ready to use : 1 : 5

Available Sizes

1 L

Product Code



Technical Data

Flash Point,°C                 Up to 95°C

pH                                     Up to 13.0

Density @ 20°C               1.04

Color                                  Green translucent

odor                                   Green apple

Biodegradability              Complete

Freeze/Thaw stability:     Keep out freezing


Biodegradability has been determined  according to no. 301D OECD test.