Protective bio-coating for dump trucks


Coat-Tek oil is formulated to protect the surfaces of equipments against the adhesion of dusts, concrete, asphalt, adhesives and other dirts. COAT-TEK facilitates the cleaning of equipments.  This product is made from vegetable materials recycled. It is safe for users and environment.

Characteristics and Benefits

  • Ecological and biodegradable product
  • Limit the adhesion of the dirts
  • Meets the standards for the use near bodies of water
  • Contains no solvent
  • Contains no COV
  • Safe to use and to store

Types of Applications

Use Coat-Tek for the equipements of: Construction, mines and the asphalting sectors. 

Direction for Use

Apply the product in fine film with an atomizer - Respect the elementary hygiene regulations during the application of the product - Rinse the dirt in the water at the need (a fine protective film can stay).


Do not apply on rubber (Ex. belt) and on styrofoam.


Conform to the legislation in force concerning the storage of demoulding product. Do not store with inflammable materials and foodstuffs. In its intact original packing, the product preserves on 1 year.

Available Sizes

20 L, 205 L, 1,000 L

Product Code




 spécifications valeurs typiques  
 Couleur Ambré  
 Point d'écoulement ≤ 0oC  
 Densité 0,91 g/mL  
 Viscosité à 40oC 22 cSt  
 Point d'éclair ≤ 225oC  
 Emission C.O.V. Aucun  
 Biodégrabilité 100%