Super fabric and leather protector


PROLAB's F-10 is the best concentrated formula fabric and leather protector on the market. It protects against dirt and stains and waterproofs fabric and leather better and for a longer period of time than any other similar product. 

Characteristics and Benefits

F-10 is a super waterproofing stain-repellent fabric and leather protector designed for use on most natural and synthetic fabrics as well as on leather. It surrounds each fibre with a protective film which prevents dust infiltration, repels stains and waterproofs in the most efficient way. F-10 is fast-acting, long-lasting and economical: it replaces a number of single-action products such as fabric protector, leather protector, and waterproofing spray.


Types of Application

The F-10 fabric and leather super-protector is a must for the home and car. Use it to treat and protect coats, snowsuits, armchairs, sofas, tents, boots, shoes and other fabric or leather items. Use it also to protect car seats and carpets.

Directions for Use

As the F-10 fabric and leather protector is highly-concentrated, two thin coats are sufficient. Apply only on clean fabric. Hold sprayer nozzle 23 cm to 25 cm from fabric and spray evenly in a sweeping motion. Apply two thin coats. For fabrics, allow 1 hour drying time and for leather allow at least 6 hours drying time. For synthetic fabric and leather, test on a small surface before applying.


Do not apply F-10 on suede.


Use F-10 in a well-ventilated area only, preferably outside, wear a mask and avoid inhaling fumes. F-10 contains silicone.

Available Sizes

Spray: 340 g

Product Code