HY-BIO GOLD is a bio-based, ecosynthetic, and biodegradable lubricant for hydraulic systems. It is the best-performing lubricant on the market. Its unique formula, exclusive to PROLAB, provides it with exceptional properties which outclass all mineral and synthetic biodegradable hydraulic lubricants, as well as many of the standard mineral oil hydraulic lubricants.

Characteristics and Benefits

- Specifically designed to meet the OCDE 301B, OCDE 201-202 et 203 requirements.
- Composed of a minimum of 80% renewable material
- Unique blend of 100% synthetic high-performance oil and superior quality antioxidant.
- Provides superior thermal stability, excellent hydrolytic resistance (very little breakdown when exposed to water), as well as exceptional resistance to load, oxidation (between 5000 and more than 10000 hours depending on the grades) and corrosion combined with excellent anti-foaming properties.
- Better lubrication and superior performance in all temperatures.

HY-BIO GOLD is Environmentally Friendly:
Biodegradable and ecological, it contains no heavy metals, organochlorines or nitrous compounds

HY-BIO GOLD is Safe to Use:
Not subject to SIMDUT regulations, and is available in ISO grade #46

HY-BIO GOLD is approved by SSL (Signature St-Laurent):
It is safe to use in all type of machineries working near water catchments areas

Types of application

HY-BIO GOLD is essential in all hydraulic systems subject to environmental risks of accidental spills or leaks such as near bodies of water, or in wharf facilities, maritime equipment, forestry, agriculture, etc. 


technical data sheet  SAFETY DATA SHEET GRADE 46 


According to the ISO 11158 classification for biodegradable hydraulic oils, HY-BIO GOLD is considered as HEES (synthetic ester based oil). In addition, the HY-BIO GOLD meets and / or exceeds the following standards: DIN 51524 : HL, HV, HLP, HLPD, HVLP. ISO 6743-4 L-HV, L-HS, L-HL. Caterpillar BF-2.