Semi-synthetic oil for 2 strokes engines


PROLAB's  2-stroke engine semi-synthetic

MM-44 motor oil with antifriction treatment is formulated from top-quality ingredients which provide them with excellent properties.

Characteristics and Benefits

PROLAB's 2-stroke engine semi-synthetic motor oil with antifriction treatment offer significant friction and wear reduction as well as unparralleled operating smoothness. Wether they are used in normal or more demanding operating conditions this oil allow for 2-stroke engine (VES, SDI and E-TECH) optimum performance by preventing varnish, gum and carbon build-ups, thus reducing deposits and engine clogging.

Types of Application

Use PROLAB's 2-stroke engine semi-syntheticmotor oil with antifriction treatment in all types of 2-stroke engines in the following manner: 

The MM-44 is a must for SNOWMOBILE ENGINES, air or liquid cooled, in premix (with a ratio of up to 100:1) or fuel injected.

Directions for Use

For proper lubrication, follow the engine manufacturer's instructions.

Available Sizes

1 L, 4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L  

Product Code

# 591



characteristics astm test typical values
Classification   JASO FD, ISO-EGD
Flash point D56 98oC
Pour point D97 <-45oC
Specific gravity at 15oC D4052 0,846 gr/cm3
Viscosity at 40oC D445 37,5 cSt
Viscosity at 100oC D445 8,2 cSt
Viscosity index D2270 202
Dynamic viscosity at -40°C (cP) D2983 15620 cP
Sulfated ashes (%) d874 0.17%
Fluidity/Miscibility SAE   Grade 4