Vinyl protector

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PROLAB's PRO-ALL is a vinyl protector with exceptional properties resulting from its exclusive super concentrated formula.  It outclasses all other similar products.

Characteristics and Benefits

PRO-ALL's unique formulation gives a new look to rubber, vinyl, leather and wood.  Its super concentrated formula leaves a longer-lasting high gloss shine while providing better protection against tarnishing, hardening, cracking, fading and deterioration. PRO-ALL does not attract dust or dirt.


Types of Application

PRO-ALL is a must for vinyl trimmings upkeep as well as for car tires, boats, trucks, motorcycles, etc...

Directions for Use

Shake well before using. Apply PRO-ALL evenly with a clean rag or sponge, or spray directly: polish treated surface with a clean cloth. It is recommended to apply PRO-ALL in an area protected from direct sunlight and at temperatures above 4°C (40°F). For best results, always use PRO-ALL on clean and dry surfaces, allow it to penetrate the surface, then wipe excess.


Do not use PRO-ALL on floors, on driving system parts (steering wheel, pedals, stick shift), odometer plastics and motorcycle seats. PRO-ALL must be stored at room temperature above 5°C. PRO-ALL contains silicone.

Available Sizes

500 ml and 4 L

Product Code

# 393