PRO-SYN 320, 460, 680
Synthetic monograde lubricant for gearboxes


PROLAB's PRO-SYN products are monograde synthetic lubricants for industrial worm gearboxes whose unique formula provides them with exceptional properties.

Characteristics and Benefits

The PRO-SYN monograde synthetic lubricants are formulated from a precise mixture of esters and synthetic hydrocarbons. They provide excellent protection against rust, corrosion, foaming, wear and oxidation as well as superior thermal stability. The PRO-SYN synthetic lubricants are made to perform under severe operating conditions (from very high to very low temperatures) and in instances where a high flash point is a required security element. Their excellent properties allow to keep equipment very clean, thus increasing the life of mechanical parts and reducing drainage frequency while decreasing the cost of used oil disposal.

Types of Application

Use PRO-SYN monogear synthetic lubricants in industrial worm gearboxes.


PROLAB's PRO-SYN lubricants are compatible with most of industrial paints and seals used with conventional lubricants and are fully compatible with soft metals (such as bronze alloys).

Directions for Use

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the lubrication of the specific piece of equipment.


For better results, it is highly recommended to use PROLAB's DE-25 Decontaminant prior to using a new lubricant.

Available Sizes

4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product Code

# 487: PRO-SYN 320
# 488: PRO-SYN 460
# 489: PRO-SYN 680



characteristics astm test typical values
pro-syn 320
typical values
pro-syn 460
typical values
pro-syn 680
Flash point D92 286oC 294oC 280oC
Fire point D92 296oC 298oC 296oC
Pour point D97 -36oC -32oC -33oC
Specific gravity at 15oC D4052 n.d. 0,89 g/cm3 0,86 g/cm3
Viscosity at 40oC D445 289cSt 447 cSt 612 cSt
Viscosity at 100oC D445 30 cSt 40 cSt 65 cSt
Viscosity index D2270 143 135 186

Rust preventative

(A) distilled water

(B) sea water











Foaming characteristics

- Sequence #1

- Sequence #2

- Sequence #3



0/0 ml

0/0 ml

0/0 ml


0/0 ml

0/0 ml

0/0 ml


0/0 ml

0/0 ml

0/0 ml


- water in oil

- total free water

- emulsion



0,8 %

86 ml

1 ml


0,7 %

88 ml

0 ml


0,6 %

85 ml

0 ml

Corrosion - Copper strip D130 1a 1b 1b
4-ball wear D4172 0,40 mm 0,36 mm 0,35 mm