Prolab - 1985-2016, 31 ans d'efficacité énergétique.

The choice of appropriate lubricants

will make you earn thousands of dollars per year!

What you must know to save… BIG !


1) Low priced lubricants and additives will finally cost more in :

  • repairs
  • premature wear
  • early devaluation of your equipments
  • energy or fuel consumption
  • profits

Only superior quality lubricants and treatments will provide

high economies and a great return on your investment.

2) All lubricants and additives do not give the same results

  • The difference in performance between a good and a regular lubricant or additive is tremendous.
  • Most of them makes you loose time and money every year

3) Friction is almost invisible but the cost of it is huge!


Without noticing you are probably loosing thousands of dollars !
Click on the various drops according to the market that concerns you the most.
You'll discover that several Prolab customers have saved thousands of dollars
by adopting the energy efficiency solutions developed by prolab.


Quality generates more profits! 



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