Top results and best value

Since 1985, Prolab Technolub's main goal is to develop high performance lubricants and treatments to allow its users to make substantial savings.

Prolab helps truck, heavy and industrial equipment owners lower their operating costs and increase profitability thanks to its high quality lubricants and treatments, the only ones really able to reduce friction and energy costs.


Friction and energy costs
According to a reknown friction specialist: ‘'We estimate up to half the cost of energy in the world is used to combat friction and wear-and-tear''
Only truly high quality lubricants are able to substantially reduce friction and energy costs which profit companies
Our high technology components that we put in our high-end lubricants and treatments use state-of-the-art technologies; They might be expensive, but they allow Prolab to create products that guarantee performances and important energy savings which repay multiple times their initial cost.

Pioneer in antifriction science, Prolab has one of Canada's most important research and development departments that developed dozens of state-of-the-art products.

The Prolab Difference
While most lubricants on the market are offered at a low cost, Prolab's products stand out because of their exceptional performance! They are formulated to include a maximum quality of necessary ingredients and additives that allow performances that go way beyond your market average.