Prolab exists due to the R&D


Simply put, R&D is Prolab's lifeblood. Since its inception, the company has been investing massively in research in order to meet the increasingly pressing demand for affordable and environmentally-friendly high-performance products.

Prolab's philosophy is to offer the best possible value for the money. Prolab's researchers are constantly striving to come up with products that will boost equipment performance while reducing operating costs.

The major challenges that Prolab's R&D teams have so far been asked to tackle can be divided into three major phases:

As of 1993

As of 1996

As of 2000

The first priority was to create more effective biodegradable lubricants. This objective has been met. The broad principles were laid out and the product development process was initiated.
Time to put theory into practice. The second R&D phase consisted in identifying base oils available in sufficient quantities to ensure ongoing industrial production. A further challenge was to transform the laboratory effectiveness of these oils into competitively priced commercial products.

Once again, the R&D team fulfilled its mission. A number of products are already at the industrial manufacturing stage and new ones are being developed at an accelerated pace.
While continuing to finetune existing products, Prolab's R&D teams are already working to broaden the line of biodegradable products and create new value-added products.

From now on, our R&D watchwords are performance, the environment, and added value.

The R&D unit, with its constant pursuit of higher and greater goals, is the cornerstone of Prolab's growth and the key to satisfying our customers in both the industrial and consumer markets.