Biodegradable Lubricant

Combining Environmental Protection With Superior Performance

On the one hand, consumers today demand performance at a relatively low cost. But on the other hand, they are becoming increasingly concerned about environmental impact.

Since its founding, Prolab has worked to reconcile performance imperatives with environmental concerns. We contribute to environmental protection in two distinct manners:

  • Our conventional products have a lesser impact on the environment
  • We are developing new biodegradable products
  • Our Current Products Are More Environmentally Friendly

Prolab lubricants with antifriction formulation are not only economically beneficial, they also reduce the impact of equipment and motor vehicles on the environment.

Prolab lubricants last longer than traditional products. This reduces the quantities used and disposed of in the environment. Antifriction treatment reduces wear of mechanical parts, making equipment last longer with fewer repairs. Engines perform better, consume less fuel and burn it more efficiently. This reduces overall gas consumption and lowers pollution.

When it comes to the environment, Prolab products make a very positive contribution. Biodegradable Products, the Way of the Future

Prolab Technolub is once again proving its industry leadership by developing lubricants that are :

  • biodegradable
  • ecological
  • highly effective, and made of recyclable and renewable raw materials

The idea of using animal or vegetable fat as a base in lubricants is not new. Animal fat has been used for centuries to reduce friction in mechanical systems made of wood. Vegetable oils also have excellent lubricating properties. Unfortunately, these oils oxidize quickly and have a high dropping point, that is, they freeze quickly. The challenge in formulating biodegradable lubricants is to preserve the properties of natural oils in extreme operating conditions.

With its advanced purification processes and exclusive additives, Prolab is developing animal oil and vegetable oil based lubricants with properties superior to those of mineral oil based lubricants.

The next step is to develop the appropriate industrial manufacturing processes to ensure ongoing production at a competitive price. This is already a reality for the first generation of specialty products in the Prolab Biodegradable line.

A North American Pioneer in Biolubricants

Prolab's biodegradable and ecological products already on the market are the first offerings in a complete line of new generation products. They reconcile environmental ideals with the technical and economic demands of industry and consumers.

More than a visionary, Prolab is a pioneer taking steps to produce and market high-performance, environmentally-friendly products at competitive prices.