lubricant for chains


PROLAB'S Bio-Chain exclusive formula gives this biodegradable lubricant exceptional properties.

Characteristics and Benefits

BIO-CHAIN's unique high-performance ester formula, provides this biodegradable and ecological lubricant for chains with superior lubricating action and excellent adherence properties to ensure chain protection even under the most extreme conditions, such as sand, mud, water, etc.

BIO-CHAIN's exceptional hard-wearing and anticorrosion properties contribute to noise-reduction, chain stretching reduction and longer equipment life.

BIO-CHAIN is environmentally friendly: 
It is biodegradable and ecological and does not contain any heavy metals, nitrous compounds or organochlorinated.

BIO-CHAIN is clean:
almost colorless, it does not stain and leaves a lubricating film on which dust particles and other contaminants have very little adherence.

Types of Application

BIO-CHAIN  is a must for every business using chains with a concern for environmental protection. Its efficiency in extreme conditions.

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET   safety data sheet

Directions for Use

Apply directly on chain. For maximum efficiency, thoroughly clean chain with PROLAB's  CCB-200 cleaner (see CCB-200 specification sheet) before BIO-CHAIN application.


Negative backlash on the corporate image and dire financial setbacks resulting from an accident can be substantially reduced by using an environmentally friendly product.

Available Sizes

4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product Code

# 493

Characteristics ASTM Test Typical Values
Flash Point D92 310°C
Fire Point D92 340°C
Pour Point D97 -35°C
Specific Gravity at 15°C D4052 0,9402 g/cm3
Viscosity at 40°C D445 75,2 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C D445 13,5 cSt
Viscosity Index D2270 185

Rust Preventative
(A) Distilled Water



Biodegrability CEC-L33-T82 (21 jours)   90%



Clear yellowish Liquid