Biodegradable industrial grease


GR-BIO is a superior quality biodegradable grease.

Characteristics and Benefits

 GR-BIO has a unique formulation combining the following elements:

- Overbased calcium sulfonate complex
- Superior quality biodegradable fluid

This formula, resulting from the latest technologies in thickeners, allows GR-BIO to reach an exceptional level of performance. It is marked by :

- Reduces friction
- Protects against rust, corrosion and oxidation
- Offers superior resistance to load, wear and water
- Exceptional mechanical stability

Types of Application

The GR-BIO is essential for any operation :

- Exposed to an ecological risk of accidental spillage
- Where operating temperatures are below 100°C.


Directions for Use

Always use GR-BIO biodegradable grease in reference to the equipment manufacturer's manual.


Whenever performing a grease change, make sure to validate the compatibility of the various greases used (refer to PROLAB's grease compatibility chart).

Available Sizes

435 g, 17kg, 55 kg, 180 kg

Product Code

# 261

Caracteristics ASTM Test

Typical Values

Appearence   Brown
N.L.G.I. Grade   2
Base Oil Viscosity at 40°C  D445 39 cSt
Base Oil Viscosity at 100°C  D445 8 cSt
Viscosity Index D2270 184
Dropping Point (°C/°F) D2265 250°C/482°F
Consistancy 60 strokes (1/10mm) D217 280
Shear Stability 100,000 strokes  D217 2,3%
Shear Stability 10,000 strokes (50/50 with water)  D217 18,5%
Wheel Bearing Leakage  D1263 1.65g
Oxidation Stability, (pressure loss) 100 h  D942 10h
4-Ball Wear Test (75oC, 40 kg, 1200 RPM, 1h)  D2266 0,45mm
Load Wear Index D2596 55 kg
Weld Load  D2596 400kg/882lbs
Timken OK Load  D2509 22.7kg/50lbs
Rust Preventing D1743 Pass
Water Washout, loss, % at 79°C  D1264 1.6%
Copper Corrosion D130 1b
Biodegradability 21days (CEC-L-33-A-93)    81%

Pompability (g/min)

-18°C (0°F)

-23°C (-10°F)

-29°C (-20°F)

-34°C (-30°F)



59 gr/min

20 gr/min

12 gr/min

9 gr/min