#1- PL-BIO
multi-purpose biodegradable penetrating lubricant


The PL-BIO is the best ecological biodegradable all-purpose lubricant with antifriction treatment on the market. It is more effective, longer-lasting and faster-acting than any other-alike product.

Characteristics and Benefits

PL-BIO lubricates and reduces friction on all moving mechanisms and parts. As soon as it is applied, the PL-BIO penetrates deeply and protects against corrosion and wear, leaving a protective lubricant film. Made from renewable resources, PL-BIO is ecological and safe for users:

  • Biodegradable and ecological;
  • Not regulated according to WHMIS;
  • Does not contain silicone, Teflon, organic chlorine and nitrite compounds.
  • Does not contain heavy metals such like: lead, zinc, chromium, magnesium and vanadium;
  • Does not contain petroleum oil or additives containing petroleum oil;
  • No disagreeable odor (like petroleum odor);
  • Dielectric properties up to 30 kV;
  • Does not contain VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds, react with nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the presence of sunlight to produce ground level ozone and photochemical smog). Reducing VOC emissions will thus improve air quality.
  • High flash point (180°C): no storage and shipping restrictions.

The PL-BIO is both versatile and economical. It outclasses and replaces all similar products, such as: ordinary all-purpose lubricants, chain lubricants, etc.

The PL-BIO is approved by Health Canada and NSF, category-H1, where it can be used in food processing facilities (accidental contact with food).

It's spray version is exceptional; Does not contain CFC, isobutane and propane, therefore does not affect the ozone layer. Economical because it contains more active product and not much propellant.

technical data sheet  SAFETY DATA SHEET (SPRAY 170 gr)    safety data sheet (spray 350 gr) SAFETY DATA SHEET (LIQUID)

Types of Application
PL-BIO is a must for the workshop, the car, the house (ideal for garden tools, pruning shears), no matter what the size or the nature of the business. It can also be used in companies working in food industry. It can be used on locks, padlocks, hinges, chains and bolts. Use it in all circumstances where lubrication and protection against corrosion and wear are needed. PL-BIO can be used for lubrication of pneumatic systems.

Directions for Use
Apply PL-BIO on parts to be treated.

Dielectric properties: Apply PL-BIO on dry and clean parts. Any contamination will void the dielectric properties and safe use of the product. 

Available Sizes
In Spray : 170g, 350 g
Liquid : 4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product Code
# 480

Characteristics astm test typical values
Flash point D92 180oC
Pour point D97 -20oC
Specific gravity at 15oC D4052 0,8696 g/cm3
Viscosity at 40oC D445 7,13 cSt
Viscosity at 100oC D445 2,5 cSt
Viscosity index D2270 180
Dielectric breakdown D877 30 kV

Rust preventive

(A) distilled water

(B) sea water





Corrosion - copper strip D130 1a

4-ball E.P.

- load wear index

- weld index



19 kg

160 kg

4-ball wear D4172 0,42 mm


- primary


CEC L-33-A-93