4 Seasons semi-synthetic grease


Multigrade EP Overbased Calcium Sulfonate Grease

The AF-400 super semi-synthetic grease with ANTIFRICTION TREATMENT is the best multi-purpose grease on the market. Its fast-acting, more durable and better overall formula outperforms all other multi-purpose greases.

Characteristics and Benefits

The AF-400 4 seasons all purpose grease unique formulation includes such elements as:

  • Synthetic oil base;
  • Overbased calcium sulfonate complex;

Its exclusive PROLAB formula brings the AF-400 grease to an exceptional level of performance: it reduces friction, protects against rust and corrosion, provides load resistance as well as superior mechanical stability (superior shear stability properties) and excellent moisture resistance.

The AF-400 multi-purpose semi-synthetic grease is both POLYVALENT and ECONOMICAL: it encompasses 3 NLGI grades, thus allowing for reduced grease inventories and less frequent lubricating jobs and, consequently, less energy and grease consumption.

The AF-400 multi-purpose semi-synthetic grease is PRACTICAL and SAFE to use: it has a dielectric constant.

Types of Applications

The AF-400 is a must for every type of business, no matter what the size or the nature of the operations as well as for the workshop, car and home.

safety data sheet af-400-2   safety data sheet af-400-0

Directions for Use

Always use AF-400 multi-purpose synthetic grease in reference to the equipment manufacturer's manual.


Whenever performing a grease change, make sure to validate the compatibility of the various greases used (refer to PROLAB's grease compatibility chart) prolab-s-grease-compatibility-chart

Dielectric properties: Apply AF-400 on dry and clean parts. Any contamination will void the dielectric properties and safe use of the product.

Availables Sizes

435gr, 17 kg, 55 kg, 180 kg

Product Code

# 264 AF-400-2

# 263 AF-400-0

Characteristics ASTM Test Typical Values
Typical Values
Appearance   Blue Blue
N.L.G.I. grade   2 0
Viscosity at 40°C D445 41,4-50,6 cSt 32,1-34,9 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C D445 7 cSt 5,7-5,9 cSt
Viscosity index D2270 93-129 112-119
Dropping point D2265 271°C 310°C
Consistency 60 X D217 285 (1/10mm) 368 (1/10mm)
Shear stability 100,000 X D217 288 (1/10mm) 374 (1/10mm)
Roll stability D1831 4% 1,55%
Oxidation resistance 1000h D942 6 psi 10 psi
4-ball wear (75°C, 40 kg, 1200 t/m, 1h) D2266 0,45 mm 0,45 mm
Load wear index D2596 >100 kgf 76,4 kgf
Weld load D2596 500 kg 500 kg
Rust preventative D1743 Pass Pass
Corrosion - copper strip D4048 n.d. 1b shiny
Salt fog (1 mil d.f.t.) B117 >300 hrs. >300 hrs.
Oil separation (100°C, 30 hrs.) FTM-321 n.d. 8,2%

Low temperature torque

- starting torque

- 1 hrs, running torque



5600 g-cm (-40°C)

230 g-cm (-40°C)


1651 g-cm (-45°C)

436 g-cm (-45°C)


0°C (32°F)

-18°C (0°F)

-25°C (-13°F)

-40°C (-40°F)

-45°C (-49°F)




53 gr/min

45,2 gr/min

28,5 gr/min



1026 gr/min


960 gr/min


3 gr/min