Lubricant for pneumatic tools


PROLAB's AIR-BIO # 22 is the biodegradable lubricant for the best-performing air tools on the market.  Its unique formula, exclusive to PROLAB, brings with it exceptional properties which allow it to outclass all mineral and synthetic biodegradable products.

Characteristics and Benefits

PROLAB's AIR-BIO # 22 biodegradable ecological lubricant for air tools is a unique blend of 100% synthetic high-performance oil and superior quality additives.  AIR-BIO # 22 traps and eliminates water in the conduits; il also provides superior resistance to oxidation and corrosion. These characteristics along with excellent anti-foaming properties result in better lubrication, lower risk of equipment corrosion and longer-lasting lubricant. AIR-BIO # 22 is environmentally friendly: biodegradable and ecological, it contains no heavy metals, organochlorines or nitrous compounds. Furthermore, AIR-BIO # 22 is safe to use and is not subject to SIMDUT regulations.

Types of Application

PROLAB's AIR-BIO # 22 is essential in all air tools subject to environmental risks such as near bodies of water, or in wharf facilities, forestry, agriculture, etc.  When used in plants and factories, AIR-BIO # 22 prevents against noxious hydrocarbon buildups which could find their way into the effluents when the walls are cleaned.


safety data sheet


Compatibility test, carried out according to ISO 6072-2002 guidelines, have demonstrated that:

    • AIR-BIO # 22 is compatible with hythane 181, polyester 55D and nitrile (medium) 78BS seals.

For more information on these tests, please contact PROLAB Technical services.

Directions for Use

Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the lubrication of the specific piece of equipment.


The use of environmentally friendly products minimizes the negative consequences following an accident that could otherwise prove to be very costly and damage your corporate image.


Verify compatibility of elastomer seals.

Available Sizes

4L, 20L, 55L, 205L

Product Code

# 495

characteristics astm test typical values
Flash point D92 245oC
Pour point D97 -52oC
Specific gravity at 15oC D4052 0,9190 g/cm3
Viscosity at 40oC D445 23,84 cSt
Viscosity at 100oC D445 5,15 cSt
Viscosity index D2270 153
Corrosion - copper strip D130 1a

Foaming stability

- sequence #1

- sequence #2

- sequence #3



0/0 ml

0/0 ml

0/0 ml

Oxydation stability - pressure drop 100h. D525 modifié n.d.
4-ball wear D4172 n.d.
Biodegrability CEC L-33-T-82, 21 jours   >90%

Rust preventative

(A) distilled water

(B) sea water





4-ball E.P.

- load wear index

- weld load





Dielectric breakdown D877 n.d.

Hydrolytic stability

- water acidity

- lost of weight

- blade appearance



0,2 mg KOH

0,03 mg/cm2