Ecological Solvent-free Rustproofing Treatment (Annual)


PROLAB's eco-friendly biodegradable rustproofing treatment BIO-PROGARD is a top-of-the-line annual treatment, beige colored, whose unique formula provides it with exclusive properties that outclass all other rustproofing products on the market.

Characteristics and Benefits

PROTECT YOUR VEHICLE WHILE PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENTBIO-PROGARD rustproofing treatment is an eco-friendly product : biodegradable and contains no Volative Organic Compounds (VOC) contributing to cities' smog-formation process.  Solvent-free, it eliminates the unpleasant smell related to use of conventional rustproofing treatments and risks of flammability.  BIO-PROGARD is safe for users and environment and non-regulated for hazardous materials transportation.  Made of 100% active ingredients, it is furthermore less expensive since treating from 15% to  20% more surface than solvent-based rustproofing.

BIO-PROGARD rustproofing treatment offers excellent protection against rust and a deep penetrating action that makes it well-suited for used vehicles. BIO-PROGARD rapidly penetrates cracks, stops existing oxidation and leaves a protective rustproofing film. It treats 15% more surface and it is safe to use. Contains no solvent ! Ecological, BIO-PROGARD is clean for workers to use since it will not drip, crack or soil. These qualities are also important for the vehicle owner as they guarantee that the product remains permanently on the inner walls of the bodywork.

Types of Application

Use BIO-PROGARD rustproofing treatment on all vehicles requiring rustproofing protection (full treatment yearly): cars, trucks, sport vehicles, buses, etc. It can also be used on aluminum, on industrial equipment or on stored equipment requiring temporary rustproofing protection and can be easily removed with our PROLAB cleanser/degreaser: PROSOL (see specification sheet ).

Caution: The application of rustproofing on the inside of a polymer panel may affect or damage the paint on the outside.

safety data sheet (spray)   safety data sheet (beige)   safety data sheet (black)

Directions for Use

For optimum efficiency, apply PROLAB's rustproofing treatment BIO-PROGARD with an air pistol. Adjust the air pistol pressure between 40 psi (minimum pressure) and 55 psi (maximum pressure). A 50 psi air pressure usually gives excellent results. One litre of BIO-PROGARD treats 15% to 20% more surface than a conventional rustproofing with solvent.


BIO-PROGARD rustproofing treatment is a safe product for workers. However, in order to obtain a better protection, use BIO-PROGARD in a well-ventilated area and wear a respirator.



Always store BIO-PROGARD at 20°C.

Available Sizes

4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Aerosol 425gr (Beige)

Product Code

# 688 (Beige)

# 674 (Black)

Characteristics Astm Test Typical Values (Beige) Typical Values  (Black)
Flash point D92 210°C 210°C
Specific gravity at 25oC   0,95 g/cm3 0,95 g/cm3
Dynamic viscosity (spindle 4, speed 20)   6200-7200 cP 6500-8500 cP
Dielectric constant D877 14 Kv 14 Kv
Salt spray protection (3mil) B117 >1000 hours >1000 hours