Super-strength multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser for mechanical parts


PROLAB's CCB-200 is a super-strength multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser with exceptional properties resulting from its active ingredients concentrated formula.

Characteristics and Benefits

The CCB-200's super-strength multi-purpose formula works efficiently in three distinct stages:

1. It powerfully degreases
2. Cleans thoroughly
3. Controls moisture 

The CCB-200 is particularly effective on electrical parts such as starters, alternators and switches as well as on carburetors and brake parts (for noise reduction). It can also be used for thorough cleaning of drive chains (motorcycles, ATVs, bikes, etc.).

The CCB-200 is practical: 
It is available in liquid form and aerosol.

Technical Data Sheet   SAFETY DATA SHEET

Types of Application

The CCB-200 super-strength multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser is a must for all workshops, particularly engine shops and machine shops.

Directions for Use

Apply or spray CCB-200, let work, then wipe.


When using the product it is recommended to use gloves, wear safety goggles and avoid prolonged skin contact. Do not apply on an electric motor when in use. Liquid CCB-200 containers must be tightly sealed.

Available Sizes

Liquid: 20 L, 55 L, 205 L
Spray: 418 g

Product Code

# 790 (Liquid)
# 790460 (Spray)

Characteristics ASTM test Typical Values
Flash Point (Aerosol)   25 to 45 cm flame extension
Flash Point (Liquid)   25°C
Boiling Point   55°C
Specific Gravity at 15°C D4052 0,76 gr/cm3
Volatility   100%