Lubricant for steel cable


PROLAB's CD-1000 with antifriction treatment is the best performing cable lubricant on the market. Its exclusive formula provides it with properties that outclass all other similar products. 

CD-1000 unblocks bolts, nuts, pins, rings, axles, hinges, and seized mechanisms.

Characteristics and Benefits

The CD-1000 cable lubricant with antifriction treatment's unique formulation makes it highly resistant to rust, wear and extreme pressure while giving it superior deep penetrating power. It does not run, clings to surfaces, lubricates efficiently, reduces friction and has a high load resistance.

The CD-1000 remains fluid in very low temperatures: 
Its low viscosity point allows it to penetrate deeply to lubricate the centre of the cable, protect it against rust and corrosion thus extending its life expectancy.

CD-1000 is clean: 
Almost colorless, it leaves a lubricating film on which dust particles and other contaminants have very little adherence.

CD-1000 is safe: 
Dielectric up to 40 kv.

CD-1000 is practical: 
It is offered in both liquid and spray form.

Types of Application

CD-1000 is a must for all operations using steel cables, such as: harbor installations, cranes, elevators, travelling cranes, ships, etc.

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET   safety data sheet (spray)   safety data sheet (liquid)

Directions for Use

To apply CD-1000 use an oilcan, a brush, an atomizer or simply dip the cable into the product. Use CD-1000 in proportions of approximately 1% of the cable weight. Apply once or twice a year depending on intensity of usage. We recommend to regularly inspect the cables in order to make sure that the lubrication is appropriate.


Verify compatibility of CD-1000 with some steel cables fabricated with internal plastic layers (polypropylene, etc.). Contains solvent. May attack some rubber material. We recommend to check compatibility.

Available Sizes

Liquid: 4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L
Spray: 350 g

Product Code

Liquid and Spray: # 596

Characteristics ASTM Test Typical values
Flash Point D56 60.6°C
Pour Point D97 -52°C
Specific Gravity at 15°C D4052 0,8548 g/cm3
Viscosity at 40°C D445 8,8 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C D445 2,7 cSt
Dielectric Breakdown D877 40 kv

Rust-Preventing Characteristics

(A) Distilled Water

(B) Sea Water





Viscosity Index D2270 159 cSt
Corrosion - Copper Strip D130 1a

E.P. Characteristics

- Load Wear Index

- Weld Load




200 kg

4-Ball Wear D4172 0,41 mm