De-icer lubricant


PROLAB's D-ICE LUB is the best lubricant & de-icer on the market.  Its de-icing action works virtually at-once and leaves a protective lubricant on locks.

Characteristics and Benefits

D-ICE LUB's unique formula provides a number of benefits not found in other regular products.  It de-ices quickly, penetrates deeply to protect treated parts against corrosion and leaves a superior-quality lubricating film. D-ICE LUB is efficient in temperatures as low as -50°C, thus preventing locks from freezing. Clean and environmentally friendly, D-ICE LUB leaves no residue and is biodegradable.

Types of Application

D-ICE LUB's superior qualities make it suitable for industrial as well as commercial use.  Use it on locks, padlocks, hinges, and other similar objects or equipment.

safety data sheet

Directions for Use

Apply D-ICE LUB directly on object to be treated.

Available Sizes

In Spray 50gr

Product Code

# 587

characteristics astm test typical values
Flash point D56 11,5oC
Pour point (base oil) D97 -620C
Pour point (solvent) D97 -98oC
Specific gravity at 15oC D4052 0,80 gr/cm3
Viscosity at 40oC D445 0,6 cSt
Appearence   clear fluid liquid