Teflon base sealing tape


PROLAB's GOLD SEAL teflon base sealing tape is the best on the market.  Its excellent properties allow it to outclass the performance of all other conventional sealing tapes.

Characteristics and Benefits

PROLAB's GOLD SEAL is a superior quality sealing tape with 7 times more tetrafluoroethylene resin (P.T.F.E) per linear foot than regular teflon base sealing tapes. GOLD SEAL is a full density, unstretched and degreased sealing tape: since it will not dry, shred or split, it is leakproof for all couplings. 

PROLAB's GOLD SEAL is approved by the Underwriters Laboratories for the Canadian Gas Industry, it surpasses military specifications MIL-T-27730-A and allows for a 40% reduction of torque specifications without tape.

Types of Application

PROLAB's GOLD SEAL sealing tape is a must for all companies with pipe maintenance needs. It can be used in water, petroleum, acids and most chemical applications including liquid and gaseous oxygen systems, natural gas, propane and butane.

safety data sheet

Directions for Use

Reduce torque by 40% of torque specifications without tape. Start at 1/4 inch from bolt or coupling extremity (at level of screw threads).

Product Code

# RUB00554

Characteristics Typical Values
Material 100% PTFE
Thickness 0,11 mm
Width 13 mm
Length 1371 cm
Maximum Temperature from -267°C to 260°C
Maximum Pressure 12000 psi