Food grade industrial grease 100% synthetic


The GSA-6000 is a synthetic, superior quality food industry grease which outperforms lithium, aluminum and polyurea base standard greases of the same viscosity.

Characteristics and Benefits

This formula is EXCLUSIVE to Prolab  

The GSA-6000 unique formulation includes such elements as:

- Overbased calcium sulfonate complex
- Prolab Antifriction Treatment 
- Superior quality synthetic oil
- Superior quality adherence agents

GSA-6000 food grade grease formula reaches an EXCEPTIONAL LEVEL of PERFORMANCE 
In all season, it reduces friction, protects against rust, corrosion and oxidation, provides exceptional moisture, wear and load resistance as well as excellent thermal and mechanical stability. Even though the GSA-6000 food grade synthetic grease is classified as NLGI 2, it has pumpability characteristics similar to those of NLGI 0 grade: it is best suited for high rotational speeds (between 3000 and 10 000 rpm).

The GSA-6000 food grade synthetic grease is both POLYVALENT and ECONOMICAL
Encompasses three NLGI grades, thus allowing for reduced grease inventories and less frequent lubricating jobs and, consequently, less energy and grease consumption.

The GSA-6000 food grade synthetic grease is PRACTICAL and SAFE TO USE
It has approval from NSF (H1 - acceptable as lubricant with incidental food contact) , and also CFIA approved. It contains no contaminants harmful to health or the environment. It is offered in a variety of sizes.

Types of Application

The GSA-6000 food grade synthetic grease is a must for every type of business operating in the food industry.

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET   safety data sheet grade 2

Directions for Use

Always use GSA-6000 food grade synthetic grease in reference to the equipment manufacturer's manual


Avoid unneeded contact with food during application. Use the minimum required quantity. Whenever performing a grease change, make sure to validate the compatibility of the various greases used (refer to PROLAB's grease compatibility chart).

Available Sizes

415 g, 17 kg, 55 kg, 180 kg

Product Code

# 275

Characteristics ASTM Test Typical Values
Appearance   Beige
N.L.G.I. Grade   2
Viscosity at 40°C D445 45 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C D445 7,5 cSt
Viscosity Index D2270 132
Dropping Point D2265 318°C
Oil Separation at 25°C D1742 0,1%
Oil Separation at 100°C D6184 0,2%
Evaporation Loss (22hrs à 99°C) D972 0,11%
Consistency 60 X D217 290 (1/10mm)
Shear Stability 100,000 X D217 288 (1/10mm)
Shear Stability 10,000 X (50/50 with water) D1831 0,3%
Roll Stability D1831 n.d.
Wheel Bearing Leakage D4290 4.5g
Oxidation Stability 1000h D942 4.0 psi
Bearing Life D3527 280 hrs
4-Ball Wear (75°C, 40 kg, 1200 t/m, 1h) D2266 0,42 mm
Load Wear Index D2596 55
Weld Load D2596 400 kg
Timken OK Load D2509 27,2 kg
Rust Preventative D1743 Pass
Water Washout Loss at 80°C D1264 0,5%
Corrosion - Copper Strip D130 1b
Salt Fog (1 mil d.f.t.) B117 >300 hrs.

Seals Compatibility:

- NBR-L, 70 hrs. at 150°C, (% swell)

    - Hardness, Duromètre A

- CR, 70 hrs at 100°C (% swell)

    - Hardness, Duromètre A







Dielectric breakdown


6.2 Kv

Low Temperature Torque

@ -18°C start

@ -18°C after 1 hr.

@ -29°C start

@ -29°C after 1 hr.

@ -40°C start

@ -40°C after 1 hr.



767 gr/cm2

117 gr/cm2

1827 gr/cm2

156 gr/cm2

3783 gr/cm2

598 gr/cm2


+ 15,5°C (60°F)

-18°C (0°F)

-23°C (-10°F)

-29°C (-20°F)

-34°C (-30°F)

US Steel


1154 gr/min

124,6 gr/min

74,8 gr/min

42,7 gr/min

25,6 gr/min