Semi-liquid grease for fifth-wheel and open gears


The GW-5 fifth wheel and open gears semi-liquid grease outperforms all other similar greases on the market.

Characteristics and Benefits

The GW-5 unique formulation includes the following elements:

- Graphite and molybdenum disulphide compound
- Overbased calcium sulfonate complex
- Adherence agents
- Superior quality mineral oil base

Its exclusive PROLAB formula brings the GW-5 fifth wheel and open gears semi-liquid grease to an exceptional level of performance:

- Super adherent
- Reduces friction
- Protects against rust, corrosion and oxidation
- Provides exceptional load, shock, impact and washout resistance
- Ensures excellent mechanical stability.

GW-5 provides substantial savings by allowing for less frequent grease changes.

Specifically developed for ground transportation, the GW-5 has been tested under the harshest performance conditions, including: extended service intervals, severe operating environment such as mining and forestry, excessively long hauls, redistribution network tractors, etc. In every one of these severe tests, the GW-5 demonstrated outstanding adherence and resistance to breakdown.

It is available in semi-liquid form which makes it easy to apply.

Types of Application

The GW-5 fifth wheel and open gears semi-liquid grease is a must for trucking companies and for companies operating open gears equipment. It is ideal for greasing fifth wheels and landing gears and provides excellent results on open gears.

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET   safety data sheet


The GW-5 is compatible with Teflon linings and considerably extend their service life.

Directions for Use

GW-5 can be easily applied with a brush, a roller, an atomizer or by simply pouring.

Thoroughly clean the fifth wheel before application so as to ensure metal saturation. Application should be made in a garage with controlled temperature.

GW-5 provides excellent results in equipment with rotational speeds of less than 800 rpm.


Whenever performing a grease change, make sure to validate the compatibility of the various greases used (refer to PROLAB's grease compatibility chart).

Available Sizes

1 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product Code

# 284

Characteristics ASTM Test Typical Values
Appearance   Dark Grey
N.L.G.I. grade   1,5
Viscosity at 40°C D445 320 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C D445 22,4 cSt
Viscosity Index D2270 86
Dropping Point D2265 290°C
Oil Separation at 25°C D1742 0,1%
Roll Stability D1831 3,7%
Oxidation Resistance 1000h D942 6 psi
4-Ball Wear (75°C, 40 kg, 1200 t/m, 1h) D2266 0,38 mm
Load Wear Index D2596 62
Weld Load D2596 500 kg
Timken OK Load D2509 23 kg
Rust Preventive D1743 Pass
Water Spray Resistance 79°C D1264 2,5%
Flash Point (TAG closed cup) D56 2°C

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