Flushing Oil for Hydraulic System

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HY-BIO FLUSH oil is a 100% biodegradable food oil intended for flushing out drained hydraulic systems of their initial conventional lubricant in order to substitute for Prolab HY-BIO biodegradable synthetic lubricant.

Characteristics and Benefits

HY-BIO FLUSH is a vegetable oil which can be used in food industry and since 100% biodegradable and issuing from renewable resources thus ecological and environmentally friendly.

Its high viscosity index, low pour point and high flash point make for its efficiency while using in a relatively wide range of temperatures during flushing stage.

HY-BIO FLUSH oil is generally compatible with mineral oils of different viscosity grades and thus effective to blend with residual oil after drainage of initial lubricant in place making it easier to flush.

PROLAB's HY-BIO FLUSH  is environmentally friendly: ecological and biodegradable, and does not contains any heavy metals, nitrous compounds or organochlorinated. It is safe for users and environment and non-regulated for hazardous materials transportation

Types of Application

All system using hydraulic lubricants.

technical DATA SHEET   safety data sheet

Directions for Use

For flushing procedure please contact your local Prolab sales representative.


Negative backlash on the corporate image and dire financial setbacks resulting from an accident can be substantially reduced by using an environmentally friendly product. 

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characteristics astm test typical values
Viscosity at 40oC D445 37-40 cSt
Viscosity at 100oC D445 8,1 cSt
Viscosity index D2270 182-201
Specific gravity at 15oC D4052 0,914 - 0,917 gr/cm3
Flash point D92 275-290oC
Pour point D97 -21
Iodin index D5768 109