Nickel base anti-seize sealing tape


PROLAB's NICKEL is the best nickel base anti-seize sealing tape on the market.  Its excellent properties allow it to outclass the performance of all other conventional sealing tapes of the same type.

Characteristics and Benefits

PROLAB's NICKEL is a superior quality anti-seize sealing tape which protects against rust and corrosion, eliminates seizing, while allowing for easy and precise tightening as well as optimum adherence between parts.

Clean, safe, economical and easy to use, it makes dismantling of couplings much easier and provides maximum components protection at high temperatures and is ideal for stainless thread couplings.

NICKEL sealing tape allows for a 40% reduction of torque specifications without tape.

Types of Application

PROLAB's NICKEL anti-seize sealing tape is recommended for hydroelectric plants, pulp and paper mills, mining operations, chemical and petrochemical plants, food industry (dairy processing plants), oil refineries and gas stations as well as sewage and water treatment plants.

safety data sheet

Directions for Use

Reduce wrench torque by 40% of torque specifications without tape.  Start at 1/4 inch from bolt or coupling extremity (at level of screw threads).

Product Code

# RUB00561

Characteristics Typical Values
Material Nickel
Thickness 0,88 mm
Width 13 mm
Length 1524 cm
Specific Gravity 2,6
Maximum Temperature 1421oC
Maximum Pressure 12000 psi