Injector cleaner for gasoline engines


The injector cleaner TNI-88 is the best performing and most efficient treatment for your vehicle's fuel system. It brings back its original performance and power to your vehicle.

Characteristics and Benefits

TNI-88 injector cleaner with its unique multiple-action formula is the result of the latest high-tech research. Its synergetic action brings about a high performance cleanser and a free-flow agent. Consequently, the TNI-88 ensures complete cleansing of the gas line, the valves and injectors (or carburetor) while preventing deposits in the combustion chamber and on the intake valves.

Most of the injector cleaners contain too much cleaning agent which can result in the sticking of the valves in cold weather as well as increased octane needs. These same cleaning agents more often than not contain alcohol, which has negative effects and prevents water elimination.

Consequently, not only none of the negative effects associated with alcohol are present in TNI-88 but that gives it excellent protective qualities against corrosion and humidity. TNI-88's uniquely balanced formula provides optimum efficiency for the fuel system.

Roads tests as well as bench mark tests have conclusively shown that TNI-88:

- Saves up to 4% on gas consumption
- Improves engine acceleration and performance by restoring lost power
- Reduces smoke emissions by as much as 20%
- Reduces intake valve deposits by as much as 80%
- Prevents valve sticking and gas line freezing in cold weather

Regular use of TNI-88 will result in more engine power as well as in the compliance with new government regulations on smoke emissions.

Types of Application

Use TNI-88 in all vehicles with injectors or carburetors.

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET   safety data sheet

Directions for Use

Add TNI-88 when filling up every 3000 to 5000 km.
For optimal results, it is recommended to change the gas filter periodically.

250 ml of TNI-88 will treat 50 L of gas.

In the case of a very badly sooted up injection system, TNI-88 can be poured directly into the air intake, as long as all necessary precautions to avoid risks of explosion or fire are taken beforehand. TNI-88 can also be used for soaking after circuits and injectors are dismantled.


Do not use TNI-88 in diesel fuel.

Available Sizes

250 ml, 4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product Code

# 392

Characteristics ASTM Test Typical Values
Flash Point D56 (Tag Closed Cup) -50°C
Pour Point D97 <-50°C
Specific Gravity at 15°C D4052 0,7657 g/cm3
Viscosity at 40°C D445 1,6 cSt