Seal conditioner


The TRS-55 is the most complete and best performing seal conditioner on the market. It is specially formulated for use in stationary and mobile equipments.

Characteristics and Benefits

The high quality components of the TRS-55 seal conditioner do not affect the properties of the oils to which it is added.

When added to oil, it penetrates in depth, softens and expands the seals so as to bring back their original qualities and reduce seepage.

TRS-55 seal conditioner also revitalizes shrunken seals and contributes to sediment elimination.

Types of Application

Use TRS-55 in all types of stationary and mobile equipments, such as:

- Automatic transmissions
- Manual transmissions
- Hydraulic and trans-hydraulics systems
- Gearboxes
- Steerings
- Pumps

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET   safety data sheet


The TRS-55 seal conditioner is compatible with all hydrocarbons.

Directions for Use

In Automobiles:
Substitute 250 ml of transmission oil with TRS-55.

In Heavy Equipment and Gearboxes:
Substitute 10% of oil volume with TRS-55.

For hydraulic systems:
Substitute 5% of oil volume with TRS-55.


It is important to know that a seal leaking a drop (0,05 ml) a minute leaks 72 ml of oil per 24 hours which represents almost 30 litres per year! This is what TRS-55 can prevent.

When the seals are worn-out, it is possible that TRS-55 by itself cannot bring sufficient remedy and that certain leaks grow worse. In such a case, rather than add more product, the seals should be replaced.


The TRS-55 seal conditioner should not be used to hard plastic or Teflon seals.

The TRS-55 seal conditioner is not intended to repair mechanical defects.

Available Sizes

250 ml, 1 L, 4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product Code

# 186

Characteristics ASTM Test Typical Values
Flash Point D92 200°C
Fire Point D92 216°C
Pour Point D97 < -42°C
Corrosion - Copper Strip D130 1a
Acid Index D664 1,1 mg KOH/gr
Specific Gravity at 15°C D4052 0,8684 gr/cm3
Viscosity at 40°C D445 39,3 cSt
Viscosity at 100°C D445 7,8 cSt
Viscosity Index D2270 172