Treatment for truck catalysts.


TCC-07 is a Prolab proprietary treatment for truck catalysts. Added to diesel fuel (ULSD or LSD), it is suitable for new engines with high injection pressure fitted with DPF, EGR, catalyst, ureas.

TCC-07 is designed to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gases, emitted soot particles (opacity), the frequency of DPF active regeneration and increases the DPF's durability

Characteristics and Benefits

TCC-07 includes the functions of combustion catalyst, and detergent.

TCC-07 drastically reduces the regeneration frequency of the DPF. By agglomerating the particles, these become easier to stop by the ultra-fine filter. TCC-07 offers a deeper and more complete regeneration of the DPF. It reduces the differential pressure to a value approaching that of the new filter. It saves fuel during regeneration while increasing the DPF service life. 

TCC-07 significantly reduces emissions including opacity, particles, ultrafine particles, HC, NOx, CO before and after the catalyst-DPF.

TCC-07 eases and accelerates the reaction in the combustion chamber. It transforms a larger portion of the diesel-mechanical drive energy instead of heat; allowing a more complete combustion, more available HP and a better 'static torque'. It allows consumption and greenhouse gases reduction if the HP demand remains constant.

Technical Data Sheet   safety data sheet 

Directions of Use

Add directly to diesel fuel at a ratio of 1: 2000.

Example: 4 litres of TCC-07 treats 8,000 litres of diesel fuel.


TCC-07 is not a :

  • Cetane booster.
  • A point or cloud point depressant (antigellifier). Use the TM-40.
  • A demulsifier (water control when there is a coalescence filter).
  • An anti-freeze agent.

Compatible with the Prolab Diesel Fuel Conditioner DBF-4 and the Gelling Inhibitor TM-40 in diesel fuel. Do not mix with the pure DBF-4 and/or TM-40..

Available size

170 ml, 1 L, 4 L, 20 L, 55 L, 205 L

Product code


Characteristics ASTM Test Typical Values
Appearance - Yellow transparent liquid
Pour point  D97 <-50°C
Density at 15°C  D4052 0,8677 g/cm3
Viscosity at 40°C  D445 8,1 cSt
Flash point  D56