Pickup trucks

Lubricant Chart - Pickup trucks Produits Description
ENGINES DM-30 Engine decontaminant
ENGINES PRO-3 SERIES 100% synthetic (group III) engine oil with antifriction treatment
ENGINES TMA-99 Antifriction treatment for engines
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS ATF-44 Automatic transmission oil with antifriction treatment
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS TTA-44 Automatic transmission antifriction treatment
MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS 75W90-S, 80W90-S Synthetic lubricant for gearboxes
MANUAL TRANSMISSIONS TS-PRO 75W90 100% synthetic lubricant for gearboxes with antifriction treatment
DIFFERENTIALS TDA-62 Limited-slip differentials antifriction treatment
DIFFERENTIALS TRS-55 Seal conditioner
CARBURATION DBF-4 Multi-functions diesel fuel conditioner with lubricant
CARBURATION TGC-82 Save while you're driving!
CARBURATION TNI-88 Injector cleaner for gasoline engines
POWER STEERING TDC-64 Antifriction treatment for power steering
GENERAL LUBRICATION #1- PL-100 Super multi-purpose penetrating lubricant with antifriction treatment
GENERAL LUBRICATION #1- PL-BIO Ecological biodegradable multi-purpose penetrating lubricant with antifriction treatment
GENERAL LUBRICATION Super-P Deep-penetrating super-strength fast-acting oil
RUSTPROOFING TREATMENTS BIO-PROGARD Ecological Biodegradable Annual Rustproofing Treatment
RUSTPROOFING TREATMENTS BIO-PROGARD (Permanent) Permanent Ecological Biodegradable Rustproofing Treatment
CLEANING PRO-ALL Vinyl protector
CLEANING W-56 Wash and wax